Best Of

Sometimes I write something that I go back and revisit time and time again--and link to time and time again--because they were topical when I wrote them and they continue to be topical months or years later.  This list is both because I like these essays and want people to know that I like these essays... and because it's easier for me to point you to them when they're all in one place.  Here we go:

Paganism Related

Why I Left Kemetic Orthodoxy
This is an extremely important essay to me because it highlights exactly why I left this church without rehashing the same things so many viciously anti-Kemetic-Orthodox people and websites say.  My reasons for leaving are not the same as a lot of other peoples' and I don't maintain the belief that it's a "cult" like so many do.

My Take On "Wiccanate Privilege"
This essay has a little to do with the way the phrase "privilege" is misused but a lot to do with how Wicca and Wicca-like Paganism is given preferential treatment in Pagan communities.

Do Pagan Events Need More Native American Material?
I like this essay because it talks about the subject of appropriation in Pagan communities by talking about a specific but very common incident.

Christianity Related

Pope Francis I is a Homophobic Bigot
This essay is a short one and refers to the way people (Christians and non-Christians included) have been putting Pope Francis on a pedestal despite standing by a lot of awful homophobic shit.

Pope Francis I is STILL a Homophobic Bigot
A sequel to the last essay was written after The Advocate decided to give a pro-LGBT award to Pope Francis--who I already explained is a bigot--it also touches on the pro-queer accolades given to Bill Clinton and others who have a history of homophobic actions.

Christian Privilege in Queer Spaces
Several months before the introduction of NALT I was already wrestling with the issue of Christian privilege in the community.  This is my first essay on that subject.

NALT and Re-Centralizing Christianity in Queer Discourse
I wrote this as a part II to the "Christian Privilege in Queer Spaces" article after Dan Savage's "Not All Like That" project was begun.

Queer Related 

Don't Call It "Marriage Equality"
There are many marriage- and relationship-based issues that same-sex marriage does little to nothing to solve, so don't call it "marriage equality."

An Anti-Marriage Queer Perspective
Based on a discussion where an ally complained that anti-marriage queer people are "just as bad as anti-gay bigots." An explanation of what being anti-marriage really means for queer people.

Five Things I Wish I Stopped Hearing Bi Activists Say

As a bi activist, I hear a lot of things from other bi activists I really would rather not.

Transgender Related

Actually, Same-Sex Marriage Does Affect Trans People
Although I've already noted I am by principle against marriage, I think it's important to recognize that laws banning same-sex marriage also affect trans people.
Why I Don't Use An Asterisk After "Trans"
Probably the most searched-for essay on this blog, this explains both why I don't put an asterisk after "trans" and why I don't use it in the word "vegetarian."

Why Otherkin Need To Stop Calling It "Transgender Privilege"
This isn't just a good run-down of the tension between the otherkin and transgender communities, but a good run-down of the wrong way to construct a privilege discourse.

Food and Food Activism Related

Rape Hyperbole and the Problematic Nature of Universal Veganism
This explains some of the problems with universal veganism as a philosophy, as well as issues with using hyperbole in activism.

Aspartame, the FDA, and the Milk Lobby
Admittedly the actual issue in this essay is very out-of-date.  It's still one of my favorite essays because at its very basic it's a call to pay attention to the meme-y calls to action that show up on Facebook and other social media.

An Open Letter About Moderation
A letter talking about the harmful things that happen when people don't trust that I know what's good for me with regard to my eating disorder.