My name is Jackson Warlock, and as you have probably suspected by now this is in fact my personal blog.  Well, that's how it is in theory, anyway.  I typically write about whatever political, religious, or social issue is on my mind at any given moment in time.

Anyway, first, about me.  I'm a 30-something year old queer trans man, Pagan, Warlock, birder, and lover of traditional skills and foods.  To go into detail with this just because that's the kind of page this is, with links on-site where relevant.

Politics:  I am a left-wing socialist.  I have at different points in my life identified as an anarchist, a Green, and there was a dark time when I was a libertarian capitalist (since I continually see other radicals get confused, "libertarian socialist" is typically interchangeable with "anarchist.")  My current politics are constantly evolving and I generally just consider myself a radical leftist.

Gender and Sexuality:  I am a transsexual/transgender man.  My preferred pronouns are "he/his/him" and that's the only option you have.  My preferred titles are Rev. or Mr.  I am non-op and was on hormones for a little under five years before discontinuing it in favor of being an estrogen-dominant man instead.  I am generally fine with being considered either pansexual or bisexual, but I mostly identify only as queer.  I am kinky and polyamorous.

Religion:  I have a background in Kemetic religion, including a stint as a Shemsu of Kemetic Orthodoxy (before I abruptly left).  Yes, I identify as a Warlock.  I'm Eclectic while taking a lot of inspiration from ancient Egyptian deities, prehistoric/paleolithic spirituality (as well as we can interpret it), Therioshamanism, Reclaiming and similar paths, and queer male mysteries.

Food:  I am an ex-vegan and ex-vegetarian who tries to stick to traditional, ancestral, and paleo foods but often fails miserably.  I am recovering from food addiction, binge eating and bulimia.  I am allergic to wheat, which is unfortunately also one of my trigger foods.

Hobbies and Lifestyle:  My hobby is collecting hobbies.  I am a reasonably serious birder/birdwatcher, I read a lot, I go geocaching, I practice traditional skills such as flintknapping and fire making, I go outside a lot, and I collect things.  I go on a lot of fermentation and meat-curing kicks.  I am a deer hunter and wildcrafter.