Friday, October 21, 2016

Blog Housekeeping Update

This blog laid here decrepit for a while not really being updated, partially since I needed to take a break from the relative limelight (while this blog isn't super popular it's popular enough to occasionally stress me out).  Maybe I'll transfer a chunk of the stuff I wrote elsewhere to this blog if I like it, backdated, and make it look like there's an unbroken stream of posts in the future.  Anyway, I wanted to talk about some of the changes I've made.  Part of the why is something that won't come out in writing for a couple of weeks (ominous music plays).  But here's the what.

I changed the color scheme and design.
OK, I didn't change the design much, but I changed it from the naturey green and average goldfinch photograph to a sweet posterized goldfinch and spraypaint font instead.

I entirely changed the tagging system.
Trying to find things through tags was really atrocious; I'd forget to tag things, accidentally make tags that I'd already worded differently elsewhere, and some of the language I used in those tags is now out of date as far as my sensibilities go.  So I took an hour, deleted all the tags, and am rebuilding them as categories.  I'm still working out the kinks there, as what constitutes "Politics" vs. "Social Justice Issues" and whether stuff I genuinely consider "Praxis" should really be called "Hobbies."  Generally speaking, though, this is what the main categories are:

  • Events - Anything related to an actual in-person event I went to.
  • Health - Health and healthcare critiques, exercise, hygiene (stuff like recipes), and hormone-related updates.
  • Hobbies - Stuff I enjoy doing.  Much of it can be considered praxis as well.  There are subcategories for particular hobbies.
  • Personal Stuff - I might get rid of this category, but for now it's where I put things that don't really fit nicely anywhere else that are based on personal experiences.
  • Politics - Generally when I put stuff in "Politics" it's related to either electoral politics, partisan politics, political philosophies, or stuff that requires a lot of communication between communities rather than within them.
  • Religion - Anything regarding religion.
  • Social Justice Issues - A highly imperfect category.  I made it before I made the "Politics" category and it just tends to include things that pop to mind when I think "Social Justice."
  • Social Media - Stuff largely related to things like Facebook and Twitter posts, and updates about the blog itself (like this!).
A lot of monetization was taken off.
I was in a lot more financial stress when I started writing Reclaiming Warlock than I am now, so the constant hope that I'll finally hit the threshold to get an ad payment or somebody will use an affiliate or buy a thing from me is not really there.  I considered trying to keep the ads for longer but I soon realized there were a lot of anti-Palestinian ads, and I don't have the time or emotional energy to moderate what ads get shown here.  I took down my tip jar for now but I may put up an alternative.

I started a big purge of material.
Well, it's not that big a purge.  I've only deleted maybe one or two posted entries, made a few spelling corrections and updates to out-of-date material, but I need to sort through around 400 drafts and figure out what I want to finish and what I need to let go.  That will probably result in a nice mix of "new" articles that are suspiciously out of date (because I wrote them when something was topical that isn't anymore but nonetheless like the post).

So that's the story for now.  Happy trails!