Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How Many Times Have I Told You Pope Francis Is A Bigot And You're All So Shocked Anyway

Alright, listen.  I know that my own personal multiple warnings about how Pope Francis I is a homophobe--who fought tooth and nail against same-sex marriage and adoption in Argentina, was lauded as somehow being non-homophobic despite doing jack shit to change any of the church's policies, said that same-sex relationships "disfigure" God's plan, and in fact there were plenty of times he said repulsive shit about queer people that I didn't mention because I'm fucking tired, like comparing trans people to nuclear weapons and ignorant comments about why trans people need to just accept our bodies--aren't exactly mainstream news material, and even most of my personal friends do not read what I write here.  But come on.

Right now--just like clockwork, honestly--I'm seeing waves of people who just learned that Pope Francis doesn't believe that same-sex parents love their children as much as opposite-sex parents, and they're all freaking out and crying about how shocking it is that their special little guy Francis would go and do such a thing.

But there's nothing goddamn shocking about it.  His behavior has been pretty consistent throughout his post so far:  Say some stuff that looks really progressive and friendly when you live in a dystopia, like that maybe we should protect the environment some more and maybe homelessness is bad and stuff, and people coo over him and drown out all the disgusting comments he's made about queer and trans people, and consistently so.  It doesn't matter that he made some token gestures saying that people shouldn't beat us up or entirely eject us from our families and churches, because "love the sinner, hate the sin" is not love at all when the thing you hate about somebody is integral to their core identity and existence.

Pope Francis is a bigot who is filled with hate, no matter how many of us he gives token hugs.  The fact that he is lauded so much for being slightly less awful than prior popes is nothing but a testament to the fact that liberal Catholics have insultingly low standards for who passes for progressive.  And you know, I know that this is a really ranty post, even for me, but it's one of those things where I'm just that appalled that I just sit here, jaw agape, over the fact that people are so suddenly sad over a thing that literally is not new news.  I want to go up to people and just shout "people have been trying to fucking warn you about this since this guy was selected, and yet all you could do was dance around imaginary daisies about how progressive he is by church standards because nobody wants to publish his shitty comments, just the minutely hippy ones."

But on the other hand, why don't people know this?  Are we just that lax on sharing the information we learn when it happens to be hurtful or might offend members of an oppressive majority faith?  I mean, it was in his fucking Wikipedia entry even.