Monday, July 7, 2014

Transgender Blogging Challenge Day 17: I'm changing this question tbh.

Alright, I need to get this off my chest first of all:  It really bugs me that this was just labeled a "transgender blogging challenge" and then suddenly there's a question that's mostly oriented toward trans men and trans masculine people.  So while the original question was "What’s your binding choice and why?" I'm going to change it to:
What are some of your choices of trans-related garments and items?
Which includes binding but also other stuff.

Anyway, my choice of binder is an Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder.  These are around $30 each and only compress the top.  I used to wear the Underworks 997 (I think that's this one, they've changed some things around), which also compresses the belly a bit.  I'm less self-conscious about that now and so I only do the chest.  I always get them in black.  I don't understand why people get them in white because they stain very easily and are hard to get clean.

Currently I have two newer ones.  I always break them in before I wear them regularly... and how I do that really goes against the instructions because it's technically destroying them a bit.  I wash them with hot water a few times and throw them in the dryer.  Then I wear them for short periods of time before they finally get comfortable and I can wear them to, say, work.

I first tried binding when I was maybe 14.  With duct tape.  Don't do it.  Don't do ACE bandages, either.

My very first real binder as a trans man was actually a girdle bottom that I flipped upside down and cut a hole in the crotch of.  It worked... OK.  An Underworks binder was the first thing I ever bought with a debit card, as an aside.

Right now a binder is the only serious trans garment or item I use regularly.  I own a few packers and some STPs.  Honestly?  I only use STPs when camping or I know there'll be gross bathrooms now.  I don't have the same hangups about pissing sitting down that I did early on.  Meh.  They're really not worth the trouble of lugging around, especially since the only ones I can actually get to work are ones like the Freshette, which are huge and bulky.  I own a Mr. Fenis but I have yet to actually get it to work.

I don't pack anymore, either, like I just said.  With some pants it looks weird if you aren't packing... like there's some concave pit there (which I guess there is).

So, yeah.  That's about it.