Thursday, July 17, 2014

Transgender Blog Challenge Day 27: Goals

Today's question is:
What goals do you have?

It's unclear to me whether the author intends to ask about transition related goals or life goals, so I'll write a bit about both.

My transition-related goals are... well, mostly complete except the big stuff.  I've already been through therapy to get hormones and I've been on hormones for a couple years.  I've socially transitioned.  I got my driver's license and name changed.  I'm out to my family.  I have a post-transition work history.

So most of my transition-related goals are surgical.  One thing that happens to a lot of trans people is that going on hormones emphasizes the things that hormones don't change.  So I'm a lot more dysphoric about my chest than I once was.  I'm not even close to affording surgery, but that's hopefully the next major step I'll be taking, followed by a birth certificate and social security change.

I don't know what I all want with regard to bottom surgery.  I'm pretty sure I want a hysterectomy.  Whether or not I get an oophorectomy (removal of ovaries) depends on whether or not I'll want to go off of testosterone by that point.  I do not want a vaginectomy.  I kind of like my vagina.  If I got bottom surgery, it would be limited to a clitoral release most likely.

Some non-physical transition-related goals... I want to go to some non-college queer and trans conferences.  One of the things about college conferences like MBLGTACC is that, although I love them, I'm pretty far removed from their target audience now.  It all depends on what's available to me, though.

As far as non-directly-transition-related goals, I'm working on building my career and trying to get out of my parents' house.  It's a depressing environment here that makes me feel like I'm walking on eggshells, the house itself is tearing apart at the seams and I feel like it's harming my health, and I need to just get away and have space to myself.  There's a prospective job opportunity coming up that I feel I have a good chance for, and I've already been looking into things like appropriate housing that'll take my dog and not be too expensive.

I'd also like more romance in my life, although that's largely going to involve dealing with my shyness and anxiety.