Sunday, June 29, 2014

Transgender Blog Challenge Day 9: Positive Things

Today's question is:
What is something positive about being trans?

Alright, just to get something off of my chest: I hate the cultural climate in which we're obligated to find positivity in everything.  I've hated it even more ever since having been in a SAFE Training session where one of the people we were training only wanted to hear the good things about being queer on campus because "we're positive people."  I'm typically pretty ambivalent about my transsexualism, but there isn't much about it I'd call overtly positive.

The one thing I do love about it is that it gives me a unique perspective on things like misogyny and sexism.  Right now it's fashionable in trans communities to act like our assigned sex has had absolutely no impact on whether or not we've experienced misogyny or benefited from patriarchy, which has led to the severely offensive belief that somehow no trans man has ever experienced misogyny and sexism.  I spent 18 years as a woman, I assure you I've experienced misogyny.

If I hadn't transitioned, I doubt I would have noticed just how differently people treat men from women.  The way people treated me is a night and day difference between not only pre-coming-out and post-coming-out, but even within months of testosterone injections.  I was going to school for IT when I started hormones.  Within the span of four months I'd gone from people constantly cutting me off in class, not listening to my input on anything, and excluding me from conversations to suddenly being given ample space and credibility.

And for the record, the fact that I now have more society-assigned credibility is not the positive thing.  It's entirely disgusting.  The positive part is that when I'd only experienced it as a woman it really did not occur to me that men didn't have to jump through the same hoops or that men didn't have that happen to them.  I was a borderline female-MRA before I decided to transition, and realizing how much better off I was as a man pretty much eradicated every shred of that bullshit.