Monday, December 16, 2013

Pope Francis I is STILL a Homophobic Bigot

This is from the "Are you fucking kidding me Advocate?" files.  The Advocate--a mainstream LGBT magazine for those who don't know--gives out a person-of-the-year deal to somebody who has been the most positive influence on LGBT lives in the past year.

Because The Advocate is apparently distributing the wrong kind of drugs to its staff, they gave it to Pope Francis I, complete with a computer-generated "NOH8" stamp on his cheek.

Let me put this in clearer language for you: The Advocate, which bills itself as the leading source of LGBT news, just gave a fucking pro-LGBT honor to an openly homophobic bigot.

I'm not going to lie: I'm actually really offended.  Reading this literally almost made me vomit on my computer screen.  It's unacceptable.

This is a guy who has called adoption by LGBT people child abuse and is a huge player in fighting against same-sex marriage.  He only supports civil unions--allegedly, as this isn't an official position--as a "lesser of two evils" (essentially to prevent same-sex couples from gaining real equality, the same reason any other bigoted hetero would support civil unions and not marriage).  He's only cool with gay priests because--newsflash--priesthood requires celibacy in the Catholic church anyway.

In short, there isn't a pro-queer bone in this man's body.

This situation highlights a lot of the reasons I don't identify with the mainstream LGBT movement and haven't for many years.  There's a lot of talk about "stepping stones" and "incremental progress" that usually benefits more privileged LGBT folks while leaving everyone else in the dust, and part of that is readying the lips for ass-kissing whenever some public figurehead doesn't want to outright murder us.  GLAAD gave an award to Bill Clinton, the guy who signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law and who was largely responsible for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell..." the very two pieces of legislature Gay Inc. had been crying about for years.  LGBT folk tirelessly campaigned for Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama--draped them in fucking rainbows--even when they both staunchly insisted they did not support same-sex marriage*.

It's not like The Advocate doesn't know that the Pope is not pro-queer, either.  Their entire essay lauding this man is peppered with quotes and stories that totally acknowledge his mediocrity with regard to the subject of LGBT rights:
Pope Francis did not articulate a change in the church’s teaching today, but he spoke compassionately, and in doing so, he has encouraged an already lively conversation that may one day make it possible for the church to fully embrace gay and lesbian Catholics."
 Translation:  "He didn't actually fucking do anything, but he started a conversation."
"The Catholic Church is opposed to the legalization of gay marriage, but teaches that homosexuals have the same dignity of every human being and condemns all forms of unjust discrimination, harassment or abuse."
That "unjust" qualifier is really important, because it basically gives the Catholic church the right to define what "unjust" means.  It also literally means nothing.

“The Catholic Church has never been opposed to the decriminalization of homosexuality, because we have never considered gay people criminals"
See that one's just a bald-faced-fucking-lie right there.

If there's one thing that makes me totally alienated from the mainstream LGBT community it's its consistent dedication to mediocrity.  There are hundreds of queer/LGBT people out there who are tirelessly working toward full equality--whatever they may define "equality" as--and yet we continue to reward straight people who don't have any actual interest in LGBT rights or who have historically botched-the-fuck out of them instead.

That's where this whole thing fails.  It's only natural that a queer or progressive Catholic will be excited that there is a Pope who is slightly less of a shithead than prior popes have been.  As a community, though, it is a monstrosity that such a major--secular!--publication would give this guy cookies.  A monstrosity.

* As an anti-marriage queer it might seem odd that I would be so irritated at the support of people who are against same-sex marriage.  The reality is that there is a huge difference between being against marriage as an institution and being against marriage only for same-sex couples or trans folk.  More can be read here.

** For an earlier take on his popishness you can check out my earlier essay after which this post's title is designed, "Pope Francis is a Homophobic Bigot."