Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some Pre-Holiday Recipe Trials

I have a book called the 2014 Sabbats Almanac which starts with Samhain of 2013 and goes through the year. For Yule there is a recipe for a Brie and cranberry bake that I had to try.  It looks kind of gross on the plate but was delicious... I assure you.

In addition I copied a recipe I saw at work. I had no idea what cheese they used, but it tasted goat-y, so I used plain soft goat cheese.  They're Bosc pears cut in half with goat cheese and bacon on top, then baked at 350 until I decided they were done. The bacon didn't cook very easily so in the end I pre-cooked it and just stuck it on top.  Tastes better cold.

A whole wheel of Brie baked in a dish, covered with a
homemade cranberry sauce, and baked again.
Bacon-layered Bosc pears and a scoop of the Brie bake.
Yes, I know what the Brie bake looks like. Still delicious.