Friday, November 29, 2013

Some Maple Bacon Apple Pies

So yesterday was apparently Thanksgiving.  I went deer hunting.  I didn't get any deer.  I did almost flatten a flock of turkeys on my way home, though.
Delicious Motherfuckers
My family is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow afternoon because most of us worked yesterday.  Because of this I decided to make a pie.  A delicious, delicious, Internet-friendly pie:
This one is the "lazy pie" I made for my family party tomorrow, meaning I used a pre-baked shortbread crust.  It's an apple pie (made using this recipe from Deliciously Organic) that I lattice-topped with maple-flavored bacon.

It's not the first time I've made a bacon apple pie.  Somebody made one years ago and I thought it looked cool so I made it.  And enjoyed it.  Last time nobody would touch it but me and my mom.  If the same thing happens this year, all it means is more for me.

I also made three mini-pies.  These are made using the exact recipe I linked to above--including the crust--except instead of the topping I used more delicious, delicious bacon (for the sugar I used the maple sugar I made back in July) instead of coconut sugar.  These ones I made as gifts:
They look the same size as the first one apparently.  They're actually significantly smaller, as I cut the bacon into quarters.