Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rendezvous and some Animal Magick Stuff

I just got back from Rendezvous, something I haven't gone to since I was a child (well, I went to a different Rendezvous, just not in the same city).  There's really only one reason I go to Rendezvous (besides birch beer and buffalo meat) which is to get dead animal parts.

(That said, content warning: Post contains dead animal parts.  Also comes from a Pagan/Therioshaman background so if you are unfamiliar with that it may look... well, silly.)

I have a mental wishlist of animal parts I'm trying to acquire for my animal magick/therioshaman/neoshaman practice and so today I did a nice run-around of Rendezvous.  There was a lot of cool stuff I couldn't afford but somehow appreciate having seen, and I saw lots of cool ideas for bags, rattles, purses, and other stuff that I also didn't buy because too expensive or I don't need it.

So when I began using animal parts again after years of veganism I made an effort to spiritually "ask" everything I already had what it wanted to be used for.  I'd acquired a shell that was at one point spraypainted gold (I don't know what it was used for) that I had been using for incense.  It wanted to be retired and replaced as soon as I found an abalone shell because it did not like the way it had been treated prior to me having it.  I found an abalone, so I'll be finding a way to retire it respectfully as soon as possible.

I've been experimenting with queer-sacred-masculine ritual and wanted a replacement for my chalice, so I got a horn for that.  It'll need to be modified a bit as it is just flat out an animal horn.

I got a fox face and some teeth and a bunch of beeswax candles because it irritates me to use paraffin candles in ritual.  Um... what else?  I don't even remember.  I got birch beer and fry bread.  I forgot to ask for it without onions so it had onions and I didn't itch afterward.  So it was all in all a good day.

I noticed one stand was selling deer tails.  I am planning on--if I get a deer--tanning a whole cape this  next hunting season, but I'll be honest and say I haven't shot a deer in like ten years and tails are inexpensive so I bought one.  Later I passed the same stand and found a set of antlers which were also inexpensive, so I bought those, too.  The reason?  Most of my therioshamanic work is done with Whitetail Deer, but my garb for it includes faux fur (not a bad thing but not my thing personally) and antlers from an undetermined variety of deer.

The plan was to modify the tail to be beltlooped (like the tails you would buy at a furry con) and somehow fix the antlers to my head.  I decided I'd figure out that latter point later.

I actually still haven't.  I just flat out tied the whole rack to my head with a bandana, which worked out marginally better than I expected and is relatively comfortable.  The only problem is that from behind you can see the inside of the skull, which is... weird.  I'll have to modify it at some point.
 Beltlooping the tail was actually really easy.  I just cut two slits in it and wove it through my belt.

This should add interesting levels to my animal workings.  It's also really weird to stand like that.  I feel for female superheroes.