Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wep Ronpet Cake and Seshat: Mother of the Motherboard

Some religious stuff for today.  I celebrated Wep Ronpet a week ago, but the Kemetic Orthodox (and therefore most of my Kemetic friends) celebrate it today.  Since I forgot to post my Apep cake back when I baked (and then devoured) it, I'll post it now:
May Sekhmet's Arrows and Set's Spear Pierce Him
It made two circular red velvet cakes and cut them in half.  Staggering them a particular way and then cutting one of the halves into corners you can make a decent snake shape (which I further sculpted and then painted with cream cheese dressing).  It turns out my cake art is not quite as good as my other art.  Ah well.

For those not in a Kemetic background, this is a curse against isfet (evil), which is represented by a serpent (I believe it's actually a legless lizard) called Apep.  By destroying images of him you are therefore keeping isfet at bay.

So as a computer tech I've adopted a couple Gods as kind of occupational patrons, Goddes who are associated with computers due to ancient associations with information, math, sciences, and so forth.  One is Djehuty, also known as Thoth.  In addition to having a statuette of him on my altar, my cubicle is decorated with ibises in his honor.

The other is Seshat, who I've found is more likely to be associated with computing than Djehuty because... I don't know.  Seshat is Djehuty's wife, and so they create a divine couple perfectly suited to this field.  I've often called Seshat "Mother of the Motherboard," and with that I had a mental image of her with a motherboard-shaped crown that I wanted to get down and never did.  Until today.  Behold:
This is actually my second Seshat image because I made a statuette of her on commission (there are very few Seshat statues in production) and assumed because I wasn't worshiping her at the time that I wouldn't need to make a mold of that statue.  Sigh.

Still, I like this one better.  I believe at some point I'll use some metallic gold paint because I'm not a huge fan of the red on her collar and would like to outline her with it.  Maybe create a frame design for the motherboard because right now it's just kind of sitting there.