Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh, You Googlers and Bingers are So Fun

Some more search terms to boggle and confuse:

bisexuals in opposite-sex relationships are not oppressed
Somebody looking for a fancy-sounding article about something they already believe I guess?  It's true that bisexuals in opposite-sex relationships experience privilege... but to believe they are universally unoppressed is silly for the same reason believing single gay men are unoppressed would be silly.

can you be a christian and become a warlock
Wow.  Just... wow.  Alright, prospective Christian Warlock, I'll give you my personal opinion on this: You certainly can, but I would caution you to remember that "warlock" etymologically means "oathbreaker" or "betrayer," and the people who used it very likely meant a person who broke Christian oaths (not coven oaths; that idea seems to have been pulled out of thin air).  The etymology of the word certainly isn't its destiny (see below, "warlock means oathbreaker") but it is something you should consider before making that decision.  Also recognize that among Witches the people most likely to reclaim "Warlock" are Satanists and left-hand-pathers and that claiming the word might place you in that category in other peoples' eyes.  I view it as a word of empowering masculinity, which is why I use it... just think about why you like it and if you're willing to justify it every fucking time you bring it up (it gets old, really).

graduation bird

physical shields for empaths
I think what my own essay was about was primarily psychic shielding techniques.  If you want physical shields, you can charge a shirt for that purpose or wear certain jewelry charmed to keep other peoples' emotions away.  Hematite and iron are pretty good.  Avoid jewelry with pearls, amethyst, rose quartz, and other stones that are likely to enhance rather than block other peoples' emotions.

things which you don't know about asterisk
Are there some horrifying secrets about the asterisk that I am unaware of?!

warlock means oathbreaker
So there's this thing called "Etymological Fallacy" you maybe should look into.  "Warlock" means "male witch."

what the fuck down during sex
I have a feeling this person was looking for advice on something awful, but I have no advice to give!

what is a life without birding
Why, my friend, it's no life at all!