Monday, July 8, 2013

Wep Ronpet Approaching and Maple Butter Part II

One of the primary components of my religion is Kemetic faith.  Although I don't talk about it very much, I still have a very firm grounding in ancient Egyptian mythology, cosmology, and practice.  I conceptualize ethics in terms of ma'at, I still tend to view the human soul as multiple entities (ka, ba, true name, heart, shadow, Akh, sekhem, and so on), and although I do not actually limit myself, I have a hard time relating to non-Egyptian deities on a deep level.

I also honor a number of its holidays.  Until recently I had been using the calendar put out by Kemetic Orthodoxy.  This was a bit problematic for me because as I no longer accept Tamara Siuda as the nisut I did not want a calendar based on Joliet, Illinois (ancient Egyptian holy days are calculated based on when the star Sopdet/Sirius is visible just before sunset from the Palace of the King/Nisut, also known as Wep Ronpet).  The Kemetic Orthodox observe Wep Ronpet as occurring in August.  I decided to calculate it based on the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, which this year puts it at July 27th.

The five days before this are the intercalary days, which are in Kemetic mythology not technically considered days of the year.  These were in legend created by Djehuty/Thoth, creating a loophole in which Nut and Geb were able to give birth to children (as they had been forbidden to give birth on any day of the year).  July 22nd is Wesir/Osiris's birthday, the 23rd is Heru-Wer/Horus the Elder's birthday, the 24th is Set's birthday, the 25th is Aset/Isis's birthday, and the 26th is Nebt-het/Nepthys's birthday.

I'll be making preparations for this in the next couple weeks, including some execration/banishing rituals and things like that.

For now, though, maple butter.  I made this again today because my last stuff accidentally turned into maple candy instead.  I was able to salvage it into kind-of maple butter, but I wanted a pretty jar of it, so I did:
Looks kind of like peanut butter, actually.  Definitely doesn't taste like peanut butter.  Tastes mostly of maple awesomeness, because that's what it is.