Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some Interesting Search Cues

First, welcome to the several people apparently coming here from the House of Netjer forums and reading my post on why I left Kemetic Orthodoxy.  I don't really log in there and thus don't know what you're saying, but I can only imagine it's fascinating.

Anyway, I just fucking love search terms.  Sometimes the ones I get are just amazing.  Most of them lately have been about the word "Warlock" and about Kemetic religion.

Wep Ronpet 2013
That was yesterday!  OK, most people actually calculate the date from somewhere in the United States so most observant Kemetcs will be like "whaaat, no!" but if you calculate it from where I do in Egypt, it was yesterday.  You missed it.  Sorry.

Childfree Forums
Oh Gods, don't do it!  It's all people posting the stupid shit their parented friends post on Facebook and griping about paying taxes for schools because like that's not important right?  OK, that's not entirely true, but it pretty much is for the only childfree forum I ever went to, which was /r/childfree.  I don't go there. Don't try to find me.

Alternatives to HRC
I don't know if you were looking for the Human Rights Campaign or something else, but I'll talk about the HRC as I know it.  Unfortunately most of the big LGBT/Queer/SAGD groups aren't that much better than the HRC.  I mean, they're a little better, but not by a whole lot.  If you're looking for somewhere to donate money, I would personally suggest finding a small local group--or an economically disadvantaged group that serves a lot of people--and donate to that instead.

Empaths + Dogs
Took me a while before I understood this was about my touch starvation essay and how dogs are master energy workers.

Demisexuality Appropriating
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  I really am bothered when somebody identifies as a heteroromantic demisexual and also decides this makes them a full-on oppressed queer.  This is claiming to be oppressed because you are a straight person who only desires sex with people you are in love with.  No, really.  There's literally nothing queer or oppressed about that.  Truth be told, though, I haven't actually seen this a lot, and demisexuality when you get rid of the -romantic suffixes isn't necessarily appropriative at all.

Does a Warlock practice Satanism?
I'm not sure about the numbers here, but Satanic male Witches are significantly more likely to reclaim "Warlock" than non-Satanic male Witches due to misconceptions spread by Wiccans and other Pagans that "Warlock" is inherently an anti-Witch slur rather than just another word for male Witch.  Not all Warlocks are Satanists, though.

Kemetic Shemsu Names
I am somewhat curious as to what this person was actually looking for.  The thing is, a lot of non-Kemetic Orthodox Kemetics try to find ways to gain a Shemsu name without going through Kemetic Orthodox Shemsuhood.  If you want a unique Shemsu name like the Kemetic Orthodox have you need to be Kemetic Orthodox Shemsu.  If you just want an ancient-Egyptian name, the easiest way you can do that without learning the language is to look at the names we already know--often from Pharaohs--and switch out the God names or just take them on ourselves. This does take some thought and research, mind you, because if you have no knowledge of the language you could easily be taking a cross-gendered name or cutting something important out.  There are some places that take modern Kemetic Orthodox Shemsu names and cut the deities out for people to fit their own Gods in there.  Please don't do this.  There is a lot more to a KO Shemsu name than just a cool-looking name, and you're stripping a lot of that out.  (Also, if you were to look at mine without knowing anything about it, and think "I'll just switch out this God's name for my own God's name!" you're going to wind up with incomprehensible garbage).

How to Join Kemetic Religion
This depends  on which Kemetic religion.  If you want to join Kemetic Orthodoxy or another established organization, then you need to go look into their policies.  Otherwise, just research and reconstruct!  You can join the Kemetic Interfaith Network for instance and learn more from them, I actually started by going to the ancient Egyptian section of my university library and just reading.

Meaning of "Warlock" in Paganism
People define this differently depending on where they learned about it among other things.  Warlock is increasingly being reclaimed as a word of power among male Witches, especially left-hand-path and queer male Witches.  There is still a negative connotation elsewhere, though, where people believe (without real evidence) that it's a word used to describe a coven traitor during the so-called Burning Times.  The reality is that "warlock" both in antiquity and today pretty much means "male witch."  Its etymology--"oathbreaker"--almost certainly referred to Christian oaths and not coven oaths (remember that this word was written down by Christians and not Pagans--there weren't many if any actual Pagan covens during that time period--and they wouldn't have given two shits if a person broke a coven oath).

Genderqueer Warlock
Sure, why not?

Do a lot of yoga people Kemetic Orth...
This showed up on Blogger's stats but not on my comprehensive stats so I don't know how it's finished or really how to respond. 

Tamara Siuda Heart
.........what?  I don't even... wait, OK, maybe this is in response to the organ donation thing?  I recall once she said not to donate your heart.  I disagree.  Meh.

Sex With White People White Supremacy
Again, what?  Are you looking for Nazi porn or something?  I guess sex with white people isn't inherently white supremacy but... uh... I don't know why you're here, go away.

Warlocks White Supremacist
Some probably are.  I mean, after all, there are white supremacists in pretty much every community. 

Therianthropy is a Mental Illness
If they're not hurting anybody, then no, not really.

Warlock Altar Tools
We use the same tools any other Witch would use.

What is a Life List with birding?
A life list is a master list of every bird you have seen and correctly identified.  For example, this is mine. 

What is Sookie Stackhouse putting on Warlock food?
I'm not really up to date on my True Blood.