Saturday, June 29, 2013

Some More Search Cues To Amuse And Appall

This could be a "Here, Let Me Help You With That" but some of you don't need that kind of validation and others need things I can't give.  Things that have yanked people to my blog recently:

"i'm so sick of obese people on food stamps"

 Oh... fuck you right in the ear.

"pagan women getting fucked"

 Unfortunately the availability of good Pagan porn is ridiculously low.

"very restrictive diet and i feel great"

I don't know if you actually feel great and just wanted validation of that or are hoping other people feel great on very restrictive diets.  I feel great on them.  Many don't.

"can we reclaim the pink triangle"

Yes, but please understand what it is first

"i have woodpeckers drinking from my oriole feeder?" 

Do you?  Woodpeckers also enjoy nectar.  I was shocked, too.

"kefir isn't thickening"

It could be that you need new or more kefir grains, or that you have new ones that need to be reactivated for a while.  Often the first batch won't be particularly thick.

"relapse food addiction"

...yeah, me too.

"warlock meaning"

Warlock means "male Witch" with roots in the word "oathbreaker."  Although some people will claim this was a label Witches gave to people who broke coven oaths, that is absolutely preposterous; they were breaking implied Christian oaths.