Sunday, May 26, 2013

I know I just did a search results post recently, but...

...really.  I can't resist.  Some of the things you search for to find me... they're just the best.

I'll start with a couple serious ones, but I warn you some of the remainder are downright ridiculous.

"can someone hug me without my consent?"

No.  Unwanted hugs fall under assault, and depending on the intensity of the hug and other factors it can be a huge deal.

As somebody who disdains unsolicited hugs, I also think it's a huge deal.

"is paws good dog food"

No, it's literally the worst dog food I've ever seen sold in a store.

"how to tell if a rape story is false"

What in the name of the Gods makes you think anybody on the Internet is able to give you such advice?

"sex with therians"

This isn't an awful subject or anything, but I do wonder what Googling it would really accomplish.  Do therians have sex particularly different from others?  If they do couldn't you just figure out how on the Discovery Channel or something?

"tirans sexler"


"Italian trans sex 2013"

Is this a conference or something?  Because this seems awfully specific.

"do warlock eat food"

Dear Gods, tell me this is some sort of roleplaying game reference or something because this is just priceless.  Yes, we eat food.  Warlocks--like all people--are animals and as such require food to survive.

"gay warlocks sex tumblr"

Does this exist?   Because if it does, somebody should tweet it for me.  It seems... relevant to my interests.