Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Here, Let Me Help You With That

In this sometimes-occurring blog segment I look at search terms people have used to get to my blog and, if it's clear that there was absolutely nothing on my blog that was even close to referring to that thing, I comment on it or point you in the right direction.  Ready?  Go.

Anything with "House of Netjer" and "cult."

I already said this, but I can't reiterate it enough:  Even though I left on relatively bad terms, the House of Netjer/Kemetic Orthodoxy isn't a cult*.  There are negative aspects to the faith, but there is a very low level of attempted control over individual members. 

* - By "cult" here I'm referring to the pop definition of a destructive religious group. "Cult" has more than one definition, not all of which are negative.  A small group specifically dedicated to a God or Goddess is also a "cult" even if it is not destructive.

 Are furries part of the trans community?

I read this and my first thought was honestly "Wait... what?"  The answer here is "no."  Although I've found the furry community to be generally trans positive, it isn't an offshoot of the trans community.

I feel like part of this question has to do with the appropriation of transgender related language by therians, who are people who feel they are part non-human animal in some way.  This includes phrases like "transspecies."  I don't believe this type of language is inherently wrong, but I don't feel as though the therian community really understands why so many transgender people oppose this.  That's something I may write about at a different time, though.

Although the furry and therian communities overlap, they are two distinct  communities, and neither is inherently connected to the transgender community outside of some attempted language uses.

Furries who think they are real animals.

I am repeating myself right away, but furries and therians are two different but overlapping communities.

Is Tamara Siuda real?

...Yes.  We are connected on LinkedIn.

I'm worried someone is going to accuse me of false rape.

This is going to sound ridiculously cynical, but with the number of reported rapes that go unpunished what do you really think you have to worry about?  The idea that there's some rash of false rape reports resulting in poor oppressed men being put on sex offender lists is absolutely ridiculous, speaking as somebody who was in fact falsely accused.

If this is really happening to you, though, what you need is a lawyer and not Google.

trans gay man appropriation

I really have no idea what kind of thought process could possibly compel somebody to actually write this question in a Google search that isn't terribly problematic.

demisexual ratkin

Is this in reference to that Morris Confessions page on Facebook?

difference between being rude and irrational

 Ahh, probably wound up at my vegan essay, huh?  Irrationality is a mental thing and rudeness a behavioral thing.  One can be irrational (although it happens less frequently than people tend to believe) while being either rude or polite, and one can be totally rational and ridiculously rude about it.  So like I said in my essay, veganism isn't irrational (as much as my fellow meat-eaters might assume it is), but plenty of vegans are rude.