Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birding, Fishing, Geocaching, and Walking

Haven't been here in a week... wow!  There are a few reasons for that.  First, my semester's winding down so I have a lot of work to do.  Second, it's been just gorgeous outside so I've been walking 2-5 miles a day birding, Geocaching, and doing other various hobbies.  Today I post the results of these hobbies.

First, I released three Bookcrossing books (out of at least five) at various gas stations.  Then I went fishing with my father, brother, and step-niece.  We got a lot of bullheads, which are a kind of catfish, as well as a few bluegills and a crappie.  Oh, and I caught a bass, although it was too small to keep.
While we were there I watched an American Robin steal a worm from our bait container, and there were several American Coots and Horned Grebes that bobbed along by.
Horned Grebe.
I also spent the next couple days going on walks along trails that were once in fact railroads (you can tell not only because of the distinctive size and shape, but because there are leftover railroad ties everywhere).  I went to an arboretum and thought I'd check up on the first Geocache I found  In it I found my first Travel Bug.  Exciting!
While learning what to do with Travel Bugs (although I had the basic idea) I learned about GeoKrety, which is like a Travel Bug except free.  I will wind up using this a lot in the future, I feel.

I found a series of Geocaches on a rail-trail that all looked pretty similar.

Ike helped on one of the trips.
While on my way to a different rail-to-trail I noticed my app telling me there was a Geocache by a signpost.  It turned out the actual cache was across the street tucked into the post of a stop sign.
I moved onward and found a pair of Blue-winged Teals in the pond at the elementary school.
Blue-winged Teal
I go back to the original rail-to-trail to drop off some trades and exercise.  I saw a Wilson's Snipe, a new life-lister, but I can't prove it because despite attempting to chase him I could not get a picture.  Sigh.  Later I did see a bunch of Palm Warblers, though, which are now #100 on my life list!
Palm Warbler.
I also saw a chicken.
And non-bird wildlife, as usual, was also in abundant supply.

On a weird note, I also saw a dead armadillo.  This is weird because we don't actually get armadillos.  I attempted to post a picture, but Blogger isn't cooperating tonight, so I'll just link to it on Twitter for those of you who are that ready and raring to see a dead armadillo.

Anyway, it's been a good week.  My physical went fantastic, probably because of the ridiculous amount of walking I've been doing, and I got to spend a lot of time outdoors.