Friday, May 10, 2013

Belated Birding Adventures

I've had quite a few bird adventures in the past week or so what with fishing and combining trips to save gas and such. I haven't been finding all that many new birds, but they're filtering in and I'm seeing quite a few honorable old birds.

Baltimore Orioles are becoming abundant. I love these, which
is I guess why I identified enough with them to draw this.
When I first saw these I thought "Forster's Tern" because that's
what that last tern was. Then I realized that their tail is different,
and I really paid attention because that was how people helped
identify the Forster's... also they're rather large...
so I believe this is a Caspian Tern. New bird!

Caspian Terns

As I was geocaching at Lakeside Park I found this
House Finch in a spruce tree.  Or a fir tree. I identify birds, not trees.
  He was kind enough to allow me to photograph him multiple times.

House Finch again.

I was looking at a Red-bellied Woodpecker and I thought "Hmmm,
I wonder if I'll get any Northern Flickers."  As soon as this thought
was completed, suddenly, a Northern Flicker!

I've been getting a lot of Chipping Sparrows, too.  This was new a
little while ago but they already feel familiar because they're everywhere.