Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Link Round-Up

Told you this was a bad idea.  When was the last time I did one of these?  Actually it wasn't that much longer than a week ago.  Maybe I'm just biased because so much stuff happened.  Anyway:

"Here, Let Me Help You With That" For The Week
Most people this week got here trying to learn about April Chadwell, who took down the supremacy of Pope Francis, but somebody got here searching for "walking sticks with green bay packer logos on them."  Well, that was one out of left field.  The only two I've been able to find are this one, which doubles as a chair I think, and this one, which doesn't feature a logo but does feature a folksy carved cheesehead.

Body and Lifestyle Positivity
This is a temporary category simply because there are some things I'd like to post that I can't categorize well.  I call it "Body and Lifestyle Positivity" because I want to assert that I am in favor of these and not mocking them:
  • A guy lives as a mermaid.  And it's cool as fuck.
  • Phillip Toledano takes photographs of people with extreme cosmetic surgery.
  • Have you seen that memorial tattoo that says "In Loving Memory of Mindy" and just looks atrocious?  It's been fixed.  Not going to lie, reading this made me tear up.