Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ducks of the Day

Today was a pretty shitty day with storms and rain... I had another job interview so I decided to go birding. A friend of mine had posted a grainy cameraphone picture of a bird that I thought was a Bufflehead. Pretty sure I was right, because I wound up finding lots of 'em in the stream at Lakeside Park.  It took a lot of attempts to get close enough to get pictures.


Before this point I went where I normally go at Lakeside Park, the west side where you can usually see at least a couple vehicles (usually at least one other birder).  Because the ice is melting, the birds aren't as concentrated as they are in the winter when they're all hovering in that one little break in the ice.  There is more diversity than usual, but it's spread out more.  There were a lot of Ruddy Ducks bobbing around, pretty little ducks with light blue bills.

Ruddy Ducks.
Finally, although I didn't get a good picture, I was able to at least add Red-Breasted Merganser to my Fond du Lac county year list because I finally saw one.  Actually, two, but I only have a picture of one:
Red-breasted Merganser.