Monday, April 15, 2013

Birding at Lakeside and Fond du Lac

Today was an excellent day for birding!  The sun was out!  It was warm!  I wound up having to buy new shoes because mine cracked down the middle.  Fuck.  But here are the birds I saw, including several new ones both for the county year list and for my life list.  Including:

This homely little thing is I believe a young Horned Grebe.

Blue-winged Teal hiding in the leaves.

I just realized Blogspot yet again put my pics in hideous order.
This is a Tree Swallow from the Arboretum in Fond du Lac.

Northern Pintails! Gorgeous birds!

A Northern Shoveler.

A Killdeer, one of two.

Another Northern Shoveler!

A  pretty Mallard drake.

I spotted some white off in the distance and took a high-zoom photo.
This is likely a Trumpeter Swan, but as it's really far away I'm not 100% sure.
It is, however, a swan.

A Pied-billed Grebe.

A pair of Canvasbacks. There were hundreds of Canvasbacks.

A Canvasback flapping in the wind.

In my last Horicon birding post I noted that I had accidentally
photographed a Ring-necked Duck. Today there were dozens of them.

Another Shoveler. I probably have at least twenty pictures of Northern Shovelers.

American Coots.

Dad and I were almost home when Dad turned the van around
and said "Did you see that?!"  He took a couple pics because I couldn't see
it very well.  It's a Meadowlark, Eastern I believe (but I'm not sure).

Eastern (?) Meadowlark.

And, of course, some more Shovelers.
I didn't get pictures of everything I saw today, including some new ones.  New life-listers today include (subject to change if I find my identification is off):
  • Horned Grebe
  • Trumpeter Swan
  • Eastern Meadowlark
  • Brown-headed Cowbird
New birds to go on my Fond du Lac county year list include all these plus:
  •  Blue-winged Teal
  • Tree Swallow
  • Killdeer
In addition, we saw another Northern Harrier.  This was another gray adult male, but in a different place than we saw the other two.  I have to say that I just love those birds and how they swoop so slowly over fields looking for food.  This may be the next animal I experiment with shapeshifting with.

Speaking of animals I shapeshift into, I happened upon a random zoo in which the only animals were deer and an incidental squirrel.  Whitetailed deer are my primary power animal, with squirrels being another imortant power animal.

I liked this deer.