Saturday, March 9, 2013

In Which I Respond to Search Cues

Don't get me wrong, I validate your existence regardless of how you get here, but sometimes I just enjoy seeing what people are looking for when they stumble upon my blogs.  At my FTM-specific blog I've had people come looking for dinosaurs vomiting rainbows and a pretty high concentration of people curious about transphobia in Dianic paganism, although lately it seems a lot of people are looking for pictures of Balian Buschbaum's penis (Isn't "our junk is none of your business" like transgender 101?  Seriously, if you get to this entry by searching for that, go fucking educate yourself.)

This blog has had significantly fewer bizarre incidents, but they're still interesting, so why not?

Kemetic Orthodox Feminism
What?  I mean, Kemetic Orthodoxy is home to plenty of feminist-identified people, but this is apparently a really common search term to find this blog, even though I never wrote on the subject.

Otherkins Have High Blood Pressure
Really?  Do they?  I'm in so much suspense now because I have no idea if this person ever discovered the truth!

Fox News Response from Conservative Pagans
Based on responses from conservative Pagans on other issues, my guess is that the free market will solve it.

Kemetic Cult Why I Left
This person was probably looking for a very specific story arc, but I doubt my blog was it, as I maintain Kemetic Orthodoxy is not a cult.

Veganism is Irrational
Again, I'm charmed that people have been (probably) looking for stuff that supports their own biases and stumbled upon my blogs arguing the exact opposite.

It's no tyrannosaurus-vomiting-rainbows, but it'll do.