Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Pretty Meal

I haven't been posting a lot of food lately because food has taken a backseat in my life due to the Whole 30 and not really being able to ferment as much as I used to (although I really should make some more sauerkraut).  My kefir grains are in storage because Whole 30 does not allow dairy.  My kombucha has started acting up, which intimidated me into starting to pasteurize it.  It usually tastes the same and has other non-bacterial health benefits, but batches are just flat out not as reliable as they used to be, so I don't drink it often.

Today I re-tried passionfruit.  Passionfruit has been what I called my least-favorite fruit, but I saw a bunch of really gorgeous looking fresh passionfruit at the grocery store and couldn't help but buy one to see if maybe I just got a bad one.  It tasted similar to how it was before, but not as noxiously tart.  It wasn't awesome or anything, and it still looks like someone mashed a bunch of wasps, but it was closer to artificial passionfruit flavor, which I actually do like.

I ate this with some fried coconut sweet potato fries (more like chip/fry hybrids), grapes, blueberries, and some garlic burgers.  It makes an oddly appealing plate: