Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some Great Recent Meals I Made

Yes, I'm one of those people who posts pictures of my food... although don't worry, I don't plan on posting a whole day's worth of food very often.

Anyway, I decided that I'm going to try a Whole 30.  I don't like all the Whole 30 rules, but I'm going to follow most of them anyway, basically everything except weighing myself.  The food-related rules are:
  1. No grain at all.
  2. No legumes, including peanuts (they make exceptions for green beans and snap peas, but I don't).  Including obscure soy ingredients like soy lecithin.
  3. No added sugar or sweetener (meaning my stevia, honey, etc. are stored away for now; they make exceptions for some fruit juice, but I generally don't).
  4. No dairy except ghee.  This is for me going to be the hard part.  I've put my kefir grains in storage for now, it'll be the first thing I try reintroducing when the whole thing is over.
But anyway, I'm actually posting some meals from today and yesterday because some of them were just... awesome.  Take, for instance:
This I made because I really liked those blueberry breakfast carnitas I made before, but in addition to being just way too sweet (which is pretty normal for PaleOMG, let's be honest), adding sweetener?  Not Whole30 compliant.  So that wonderful purplish dish is actually about half a pork steak, cubed, with cut up bacon and blueberries added, fried with some Chinese five spice (anise, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper).  I don't use Chinese five spice very often, but I must say that this was fucking delicious.  And topped with an over-easy egg.

Even better, I've been cutting my freezer portions in half, but I forgot about this when I made it, so I have enough for tomorrow too.  Huzzah!

Also almonds and an apple.

Lunches for me are almost always seafood-based.  Again, shrimp and crayfish (I bought like two packages of crayfish and one bag of raw shrimp, which were apparently wonderful deals as they've lasted me a long time), cooked in ghee, the Brussels sprouts were cooked in the leftover ghee.

This particular variety of steak is always labeled "Charcoal Steak" and it's a relatively inexpensive but low-quality cut of meat.  It's a crapshoot whether or not I'll get any sort of caramelization, which in this case I didn't, but it still tasted good as sad as it looks.  The vegetables are carrots, onions, and parsnips with about a whole roasted garlic head on top (which I'll probably regret tomorrow).
This was the cut of meat that made me think "you know, I should start halving my portions."  Because OK, if I'm actually hungry for that much pork, so be it, but am I really?  The answer is no.  However, I should mention that this was also delicious.  It's seasoned with a spice mix I got from Aldi a long time ago but never had any use for because it's a pizza-and-pasta seasoning.  It's basically just salt, garlic, onion, bell pepper, oregano, basil, and parsley.  It doesn't taste overwhelmingly like a pizza, though.
Alright, you guys, fish eaters, I'm talking to you... try this.  It's a ridiculously simple recipe for salmon. If you're on a Whole 30, find a whole corn mustard without any sugar, otherwise any whole corn mustard is good.  Smother the a salmon fillet with it.  Put it in the oven at about 400 degrees for twenty minutes.  People used to get mad at me when I ate this at work because it smells so delicious.  I mean, it does if you like mustard, which you should if you're a reasonable person.