Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why The Girl Scouts Are My Scouting Group of Choice

I'm not normally one to say you should reverse boycott something, especially something as loaded with bad stuff for you as cookies.  However, if you are in a position where you really, really want to get your buy-a-product-to-help-a-cause fix, and you eat cookies (hopefully in strict moderation), may I suggest the Girl Scouts?
I'm somewhat biased, I admit, because I was a Girl Scout for well over a decade.  I have seen firsthand that this is a good program for girls, and whenever I've noticed them being boycotted I've always found it to be for a reason I actually kind of support.  Long ago it was when the Girl Scout Promise was amended so that girls were able to replace "To Serve God" with whatever deity they wished, or to keep silent.

They are in  many ways the anti-Boy Scouts (and they are not officially related at all), and I have yet to meet a higher-up in the Girl Scouts who wasn't absolutely proud of how not-the-Boy-Scouts the Girl Scouts are.