Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Birding Pictures

My Big Year took a backseat to, well, life, but I am still counting and still taking pictures.  I don't have my list on me to update it, but I do have some pretty awesome pictures to share from my last couple trips.

Downy Woodpecker on my deck.

Northern Cardinal in a tree in the backyard.
I was walking toward the deck when another birder told me
there was a Great Blue Heron by it, so to pay attention
because my being there will probably make him move.
He was right!

A pair of American Black Ducks.

Ring-billed Gull.

A pair of American Pelicans who hang out at Lakeside.

Curious Mallard.

A Mallard being pestered by a Common Merganser.

Common Merganser laying on the ice.