Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kombucha and Mayo

Some finished fermented foods for the day.

My first batch of kombucha, made with green tea, is fully finished today... and delicious.  I was actually somewhat unprepared for how delicious it is compared to the storebought stuff.  I decided to go with just what I happened to have around, which was frozen blueberries and fresh ginger.  Once you get through the initial fermentation process, strain it (I believe this is optional, but it makes it prettier) put the flavorings at the bottom of the bottle, pour the kombucha until it's about an inch from the top, and cap it.  Let it ferment for one to three days to carbonate it (it took about a day and a half for it to be fizzy).

I rebottled it in an old commercial kombucha bottle.  It's gorgeous and delicious.


I made mayo today, which is a really time-intensive thing to make if you don't have electric tools for it.  I tried making it with a hand-powered blender and a whisk, switching off when my arm got tired of the movement.  Finally I went and got my electric blending wand, and it was finished in a few minutes.

The stuff I made today, I added whey and let it sit in the fermentation cupboard for some hours.  With the proper tools, it's very easy to make and requires very few ingredients.

Take three egg yolks and let them warm to room temperature.  Add about three tablespoons lemon juice or vinegar, a half teaspoon salt, and a quarter teaspoon mustard powder (you can use wet mustard if you need to).  Beat it for a couple minutes.  Start adding anywhere from 1.5 to 2 cups light olive oil.  Until it emulsifies (basically, until it looks like mayo) you need to add only a drop or two at a time... be patient, or it won't work!  Once it looks like mayo, you can add more at a time, but don't just dump it all in.

At this point it's done, but if you want to ferment it you can add some whey (I added a couple tablespoons) and allow it to sit for about five hours.  My olive oil wasn't light enough, so to cut the taste I added six drops of stevia extract.  I used to add honey.  Sweetener is not necessary, but you can certainly add it.