Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fermented Goodness and Other Food Projects

I'm no longer drinking much kombucha until I have the ability to make it myself, as I live paycheck-to-paycheck as it is.  Luckily, I am having a SCOBY sent to me as we speak, so in a few weeks I'll be able to drink it again.  The same person is also sending me some kefir grains, so that's two fermented birds with one stone (yuck, that sounded gross).  I do still drink kefir, but at around $5 for four days' worth, it's not nearly as bad as drinking a $4 kombucha daily.  Still going to be nice to make on my own, and much less expensive.

I have sauerkraut and lacto-fermenting pickles in what I'm going to call my "canned storage" cupboard.  They are both doing exactly what I suspect they're supposed to be doing, so that's good.  I already ate some of the sauerkraut along with some red clover and daikon radish sprouts as a tangy hot salad.

Today is going to be an organization (hopefully) and food preparation day.  I finally got around to getting the ingredients and supplies to make some buttermilk cheese, so I'll be making that today.  I'm reducing the amount of cheese I buy as cheese (although there are some small local cheesemongers who haven't sold out to Sargento yet), as well as reducing my cheese consumption in general.

I started a batch of mead, too.  It was mostly on a whim... I have so much honey from years of collecting it, and so I'm using the plastic milk jug method to make some.  So far so good.

I got paid a couple days ago, so I cleaned out my fridge and stocked my freezer.  One of the problems people have on a paleo diet is that we tend get most of our calories from animal products, but most people aren't used to getting more than just beef, chicken, and pork.  I'm a firm believer that you should eat a lot of seafood on a diet like this... so I have several kinds of fish and shellfish on hand at all times (salmon, cod, catfish, bluegill, shrimp, mussels, oysters, herring, sardine, pollock, and there's probably more).  In the poultry department I have chicken, along with a Wood Duck my brother shot sometime last duck season.  As far as red meats, I have some steak, pork hocks, a beef liver, a little lamb, a veal brisket, and probably two whole processed deer.  I don't eat as much of the latter as I probably should; when I gave up veganism, my first compromise was to only eat wild harvested animals, and I overdid the venison so much at that point that I get sick of it easily.  I definitely eat it, though.

This is enough meat to last me for quite a long time, which is one of the benefits of being able to cook and having a whole freezer to myself.  I can think "Hmm, I sure could go for some mussels" and voila, there they are.  It's hard for me to plan what I want to eat in advance, which is why I ditched the whole "Cook all your meals for a month!" technique that's so popular.  It's much better for me to just cook things as I crave them, provided I'm not surrounded by bad food or, alternatively, out of food altogether.

Anyway, I have more paleo diet stuff to write about, but for now that's all.