Thursday, January 3, 2013

FDL Big Year Total: Day 2

No dedicated birding today, as I would like to do some things around the house, but I do have my total from yesterday.  I added nine new birds for a total of nineteen.  Added yesterday:
  1. Wild Turkey
  2. American Pelican
  3. Mallard
  4. Double-crested Cormorant
  5. Redhead
  6. Canada Goose
  7. American Black Duck
  8. Canvasback
  9. Lesser Scaup
Which bagged most of my expected birds.  No gulls, pheasants, or hawks.  The pheasants and hawks don't surprise me too much, but the gulls do... I've consistently seen them for the past few trips prior to that one.  Not a terrible total, though.