Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Little Scoby, and Thick Chocolate Kefir

I'm in a bad mood today.  I'm somewhat sick, got a guilt-tripping letter in the mail, no job interviews yet, and the last couple days have resulted in a lot of binge eating.  How do I choose to heal from this right this minute?  With some nice, thick chocolate kefir.

It took me a while to perfect this, because I learned one of the big differences between homemade kefir and storebought kefir is that when you put homemade kefir in a blender, it entirely changes the composition, so it's more like drinking milk with whatever you put in it than it is drinking kefir.  I'm sure the health benefits are the same, but kefir should be thick!

To get around this, I make a flavored kefir mix... pour a little kefir in a blender, add the flavorings, blend it, and then pour that mixture into the kefir and mix.  It isn't an entirely homogenous mixture, but the kefir stays thick and there aren't the clumps associated with trying to manually mix whey and cocoa powder into a jar of kefir.

This particular jar, which is a quart jar, contains a little under a quart of kefir, two tablespoons cocoa powder, a scoop of vanilla whey protein, and a few drops of stevia extract to cut the sourness a bit.  Of course, all of these ingredients--except the kefir--are optional.

I also grew a little scoby.  I was actually testing something somebody told me... if you leave a bottle of plain, commercial kefir in a dark, room-temperature area (like my closet), cover it with a napkin/coffee filter and a rubber band to keep out the bugs, and wait, it'll eventually grow a scoby.  I bought mine from somebody on Etsy, so I didn't need this information, but I can confirm that this is in fact true.  Right now this little guy is making some green tea kombucha in a pint jar, just to get things started.  The scoby I bought had two daughters already.